Encounters Krishna

Source: Krishna

During September 2004, I was visiting England as my brother was moving there for university. So my family and I spent a few days there and I was lucky enough that the ICC Champions Trophy was going on then and Australia were playing New Zealand at “The Oval” which happens to be in London, where I was staying. This made me really happy; watching cricket live is the best thing to do! We were pretty busy that day unfortunately, so I really thought I wouldn’t be going but I guess my dad felt bad since I was sulking so much and decided to take me. Even though we reached when it was almost over, since we left only very late and it took us half an hour to find “The Oval”, I still had the time of my life. When we reached Matthew Hayden and Andrew Symonds were batting, but soon after a great innings which won him Man of the Match, Symonds got out and Damien Martyn came in to bat and Australia then won eventually. To get a closer view of the players and maybe a few autographs, I got up and went up in front. Since Martyn was being interviewed by the media, I got to see him up close.

A few minutes later, finally Ricky Ponting comes down for the presentation, right there infront of me! But I missed seeing him the first time as I was distracted and looking the other direction, I got so annoyed! After the presentation was over and me continuously taking pictures of the presentation and the back of Ricky Ponting and Stephen Fleming, Punter himself decides to come over to where I was and talk to I’m guessing a friend of his? Who was right behind me. So I thought this was my perfect opportunity to get a picture of me and my favourite cricketer, so I said, “Excuse me, can I have a picture please?” and he very sweetly responds “Sure” with a smile, I pose for the picture and my dad clicks it but then I realized I forgot to zoom out and my dad didn’t know how to so I was unfortunately cut out of the picture. Then I asked him if I could have an autograph and someone very kindly lent me a piece of paper, so I got Punter’s autograph and I shook his hand as well. I felt really stupid because I was wearing my “Ponting 14” jersey and an Australia cap but I still got his autograph on a piece of paper! I wanted another picture with him, but then I thought I’ve irritated and disturbed him enough and decided it was enough, so I headed back to our hotel.

I must have been the happiest person on the planet at this time but I hope I do meet the great Punter again, another time so I can actually get his autograph on my jersey or cap and get a proper picture with him! I’ll never forget this day.

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