Encounters Akanksha

Source: Akanksha

I met Ponting during the Border-Gavaskar trophy in India on 23rd of Oct 2004.

Before the third Test Match, there was a big break as it was festive season in India. All Indian cricketers were at their homes and the Aussies were in Mumbai.

Ricky Ponting was supposed to join them the day Aussies were supposed to leave for Nagpur (ie. venue for the next match). I got to know when were they going to leave and reached the airport according to that. With my father being a high official at the Airport authority, it was easy for me to go in.

The players were coming in groups, before he came, I got the chance of getting autographs of other players. When I saw him, I asked him for his autograph and he was more than willing to do so. After that, I said “thanks” and he said “welcome” with his as always sweet smile. I was really happy. I got autographs of McGrath, Warne, Langer, Brett Lee and Gillespie too. It was a special day for me and I’ll always remember it.

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